i’m an iced-coffee-drinking creative


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why duck soapbox creative

think of a duck standing on a soapbox

I kinda thought that visual was funny so I named my creative business after an opinionated waterfowl… it would have been more sketchy if I was a lawyer or doctor. The “funny” wore off faster than an LLC, but I still enjoy the confusion it causes. Am I an art blog, Etsy shop, Illustrator, Event Planner, Party Stager? ANYWHO, name aside, I am a creative (read as a noun) that works in the subcategory as branding, websites, and zombie posters. I’m always up for any creative challenges. Let’s do that!


i’m a pie aficionado and spend a lot of time being




Crystal is an extremely bright, creative and energetic professional who brings a strong sense of design and purpose to any project. She is able to take anything she is given and make it better and gets the project done quickly. She is an asset to any business or organization she works with.
— JEFF FARRIS: President & CEO at CloudRadial

I had the pleasure of managing Crystal Roznik for a little over two years. In that time I found her to be a talented art director/designer with a fantastic work ethic and a drive for self-improvement. She is also one of the most genuinely positive and pleasant people I have come across in my career.
— MATT JONES: Creative Director at Geometry Global

Crystal is one of the most talented art directors I’ve worked with. She has a unique creative style that is a lot of fun and very inspiring. She is hard-working, reliable, incredibly fast learner and has a more than exceptional work ethic and attitude.

about me


The one-woman design shop in Cedar Hill Texas, and I’ve been in the agency/promotions/branding/web design business for over a decade and enjoy working with a variety of clients, big and small. I am very dedicated to helping people bring their dreams to reality and helping SMALL businesses with BIG ideas.