pdf creating

A lot of things are delivered via PDF. I can make all those. Logos, business cards, billboards, annual reports, postcards, invitations, handbooks, media kits, flyers, product packaging, brochures, multipage-layouts, children’s books, trade-show booths or your yard sale sign were all PDFs at one time. Let me help.

creative problem solving

I don’t like being called “a web designer” or a “graphic designer”. Cause I do more than that. In fact, filing out my occupation on forms is brutal. I am a “CREATIVE” (used as a noun), a professional one. I web design when I need to web design, but I also write, crochet, photograph, photoshop and paint when it is creatively solving a problem.


Wordpress Customizing comes in many different forms of maturity with plugins and themes. I can design anything from a personal blog or standard informational site or if you are wanting something bigger or more elaborate, I work with a very capable and intelligent set of programmers who can help me make that happen.

  • Branding: logos, letterheads, business cards, taglines, branding guidelines

  • Organization/Communication Design:  infographics, posters, 

  • Multipage formats: Annual Reports, pamphlets, media kits, matrixes, book designs, cover designs

  • Advertising: Conceptional ideas, Headline writing, billboards, print advertising, web advertising

  • Web Design: redesigns, Wordpress template customization, squarespace